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Framed Florals F A Q // Which Flowers Press the Best?

One of the most frequently asked questions is “which flowers are best for pressing, and which ones are not?” Over the years, we have learned through experience which flowers cooperate best for our traditional pressing methods, and which ones to avoid. Here we have provided some useful tips on how to get the best results from pressing using traditional methods.

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Framed Florals News // Marché Maman

This summer some exciting things happened over at Framed Florals. When Elisa, the owner of Maman, contacted me about hanging some frames in her new Marché Maman location, I was thrilled. Marché Maman is one of my favorite shops, & it's literally my Pinterest board come to life. (West Elm designed the secret garden in the back!) Displaying and selling these Framed Floral pieces in such a gorgeous space is simply an honor. If you're in SoHo go stop by, it's full of pretty little details & is absolutely dreamy! Framed Florals are available for purchase in store.

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Framed Florals Interviews // Wedding Flower Care

I remember picking out my wedding flowers, marveling at the centerpieces, placing baby's breath in my bridesmaids hair, tossing my bouquet, driving back to Brooklyn with a car filled with flowers, and lastly pressing those same blooms. What I did with them in between, I couldn't tell you. (I'm ashamed!) And even as much as I love flowers, I can't remember what I did to ensure they didn't wilt or die the day of my wedding. Oh those wedding flowers, such an important aspect from such a momentous day! While my job is now on the other side of the wedding day, often times the next day, or day after.. I think, now more than ever, it's super important to care for those flowers to make sure they last until I get them! Remember, the better you care for your flowers, the better your Framed Floral piece will look!

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Framed Florals Flowers // From You to Me!

Almost two years ago, Framed Florals became a concept to me when I couldn't find someone to preserve my wedding flowers. I googled and searched all over the internet to find someone in Brooklyn to help me, and came up empty. 
When I made the decision to officially launch this business, I knew I wanted to be able to serve brides, grooms, & their families, from all over, not just Brooklyn.
Thanks to USPS- that's very possible! In fact, the flowers featured traveled all the way from Los Angeles! 
If you're looking to ship your flowers, here's an easy guide to do so! 

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