Framed Florals Flowers // From You to Me!

Almost two years ago, Framed Florals became a concept to me when I couldn't find someone to preserve my wedding flowers. I googled and searched all over the internet to find someone in Brooklyn to help me, and came up empty. 
When I made the decision to officially launch this business, I knew I wanted to be able to serve brides, grooms, & their families, from all over, not just Brooklyn.
Thanks to USPS- that's very possible! In fact, the flowers featured traveled all the way from Los Angeles! 
If you're looking to ship your flowers, here's an easy guide to do so! 

Step 1:

Whether you are shipping your bouquet or a sampling of flowers, make sure all the stems are tied together. You can do this with a rubber band or wire. We don't want flowers bouncing around too much during transit! Take a wet paper towel and wrap the ends of the stems so they have enough water to drink while traveling. To make sure the paper towels don't leak in your box, wrap them in plastic saran wrap, or a plastic bag. Secure that with a rubber band too!

Step 2:

To ensure the petals and blooms don't bruise during transit, wrap them lightly with tissue paper, bubble wrap, or kraft paper. 

Step 3:

Time to get your shipping box ready! Tape and secure an ice pack, (preferably disposable) to the bottom or side of the box. Make sure it's away from the petals! This will ensure a cold environment for your flowers during their trip. You can place the ice pack in a plastic bag as well. 

Step 4: 

You're almost done! Place the wrapped flowers into the box, and stuff the box with bubble wrap, tissue paper, packaging peanuts, or anything really just to ensure the flowers don't move around too much while they're being delivered! 

Ta-Da! Now your flowers are ready to be shipped off to Brooklyn, to be turned into a beautiful keepsake!
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out here!