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Framed Florals Interviews // Wedding Flower Care

I remember picking out my wedding flowers, marveling at the centerpieces, placing baby's breath in my bridesmaids hair, tossing my bouquet, driving back to Brooklyn with a car filled with flowers, and lastly pressing those same blooms. What I did with them in between, I couldn't tell you. (I'm ashamed!) And even as much as I love flowers, I can't remember what I did to ensure they didn't wilt or die the day of my wedding. Oh those wedding flowers, such an important aspect from such a momentous day! While my job is now on the other side of the wedding day, often times the next day, or day after.. I think, now more than ever, it's super important to care for those flowers to make sure they last until I get them! Remember, the better you care for your flowers, the better your Framed Floral piece will look!

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