Meet the Owner..


Hi there,

Framed Florals is owned by Lacie RZ Porta. The brand is the combination of her creative outlets and passion for design. The frames are inspired by her love of modern, clean, and simple lines. This stems from her affection for Mid Century Modern and Scandinavian aesthetics. Lacie’s adoration of plants and flowers led her to the process of floral preservation. For her, preserving flowers means being able to relive the memories and feelings associated with our most cherished moments. Framed Florals allows Lacie to combine sentimental subjects with modern design and decor.

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Framed Florals became a concept the morning after my wedding in August 2015. The flowers I picked out from The Flower District in Manhattan made their way to the Catskills with the help of some very wonderful friends. The morning after the wedding, I couldn’t imagine throwing them away, so my husband and I drove back to Brooklyn in a car filled with flowers, vases and centerpieces. I thought I could easily find an artist who would preserve them. When I couldn’t find anything that fit my simple and clean aesthetic, or anything that was remotely practical to display in my tiny apartment, I decided to make something of my own. Through this I learned the way of preservation, I grew to appreciate the slow process that it is, and fell in love with this longstanding artform!
— Lacie RZ Porta