Framed Florals is a Brooklyn based business that creatively presses, preserves, & frames flowers. It’s the modern and non-traditional way to preserve flowers. We pride ourselves on our exclusive, unique, and fine art inspired products. Each frame is designed and handcrafted in Brooklyn, New York.

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Named As One of Sotheby’s Home “Favorite Things” - Prints of Original Artwork by Framed Florals.


Framed Florals owner, Lacie RZ Porta was featured on Vogue in an article titled “This “Flower Framer” Will Preserve a Meaningful Bouquet Forever.”


Framed Florals clients love the minimal, airy, and organic aesthetic of our work. Framed Florals pieces while minimal, hold significance and love in their compositions. Without being overtly ‘wedding’ your frame will hang in your home for years to come as a sweet nod to your day.

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