Framed Florals Travels // The Berkshires

As spring starts to emerge here in Brooklyn, I can't help but feel so excited for the little buds on trees, longer days, warmer nights, I could go on forever. While I'm thrilled for my own city to bloom, the long winter has left me feeling stir crazy and a trip out of town is so needed. My husband, four pound pooch Tony, and I left for The Berkshires. 

Our main focus of the trip was to visit MASS MoCA, and so we stayed close by at The Porches Inn. The museum was once an old mill, and Porches was once the home to the mill workers. 

Admittedly, my favorite part about staying there was the fact that they would deliver coffee (in a thermos) and croissants to your door in the morning. All in a tin lunch box, it was adorable. Albeit, completely impractical, but like I said, adorable.


MASS MoCA was one of my favorite museums I think I've ever visited. The exhibits I was looking forward to seeing were great, and the ones I didn't know much about were amazing little surprises. The place is massive, and they have plans to expand, so I'm excited to return next season.

My favorite part? 3 floors of Sol LeWitt wall drawings.

There was a ton of light pouring in through the massive old windows. The old mill had so many corridors, doors, stairwells, layers and layers of paint on the old brick. The building was pretty amazing in itself.


The Berkshires were the perfect place to visit as we go into the spring season. Even over the course of a few days we could see more green on the trees as we drove around Massachusetts, and even a few wrong turns into Vermont. As for now, I'm happy to be back in Brooklyn, and looking forward to the next trip out of town.