Framed Florals Pressed Flowers // Organization

Upon starting my internship for Lacie, one project she was determined for us to do was to organize her studio closet. She opened her closet, the “holy grail” of flower preservation, and showed me the problem. She had SO much stuff. Over the years her Framed Florals supplies had collected to a mountain of pressed flowers, frames, tools, and other materials necessary for her unique framing process. This blogs walks through how we organized the studio closet and pressed flower collection.

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Brooke Stratton
Framed Florals F A Q // Which Flowers Press the Best?

One of the most frequently asked questions is “which flowers are best for pressing, and which ones are not?” Over the years, we have learned through experience which flowers cooperate best for our traditional pressing methods, and which ones to avoid. Here we have provided some useful tips on how to get the best results from pressing using traditional methods.

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INFOBrooke Stratton
Framed Florals Flowers // From Start to Finish // Jaimie

I’ve had the idea on my mind for a while now to write a blog about the entire Framed Florals process, start to finish. I was recently reminded of this idea on my To-Do List by a recent client of mine, Jaimie, who suggested collecting all the photos of her flowers, fresh, pressed, and framed. Grateful Jaimie was so invested in her flowers, the design process, and the preservation process!

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Lacie Porta