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* Each frame can take up to 4-5 months to complete. * No two frames will look alike due to the organic nature of flower pressing. *No two flower dyed silks will look alike due to the organic process of natural dyeing. * Flowers will not press out and retain color exactly as they were when fresh. * I read over the list of flowers Framed Florals does not press. * There is a natural and organic fading of floral colors. White flowers will not hold their stark white and will fade. * Framed Florals uses whichever flowers come out of the press looking the best. * Framed Florals will not work with flowers that have been sprayed with glitter, sparkles, or any harsh chemicals. * If you do not disclose to Framed Florals that the flowers were sprayed with chemicals, Framed Florals has the right to refuse usage of those flowers. * Not all flowers given to Framed Florals will press perfectly due to the organic nature of the process. * If shipping instructions are not followed Framed Florals is not liable for wilted or expired flowers. By sending and dropping off your flowers you agree to and accept this and know only useable flowers will be pressed. * If flowers are sent to the Framed Florals studio and are unusable, they will be composted and not returned to sender. * Framed Florals does not preserve bouquets whole, freeze dry, or work with shadow boxes. TYPE NAME BELOW TO SIGN CONTRACT:

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