For Allison // Pressed Rental

For Allison // Pressed Rental


Rental period - All rental items are for time out and away from “Framed Florals"'s studio, regardless of whether the items are actually used for Clients event. No

refunds will be given for unused rental items following delivery (such as due to inclement weather on the event day or a last-minute decision on the event day to not

use the rental items) unless applicable under the cancellation policy below. The rental period for the rental items is 14 days for one event, and late charges will apply on

a per-day basis for rental items not returned on the date specified in the invoice, at a daily rental rate for the applicable rental items.

Protecting rentals - The client is responsible for protecting rental items from any inclement weather during full rental period. No items shall be left out overnight in an

uncovered area. No item with excessive moisture, oil, or coloring

should be placed directly on flowers. Use appropriate handling to prevent “Substantial Damage” as outlined below.

Cancellations made at least 10 days prior to event - Should the client wish to cancel the rental of some, but not all, rental items, or make substitutions for certain rental items, in no event shall the total rental fees fall below the initial deposit. Should such changes be made, an amended invoice indicating the changes must be

signed by client. For single rental items canceled at least 10 days prior to the event, Client's invoice will be updated to reflect changes. Final payment will be adjusted

to reflect that change (unless such cancellation causes the total order to fall under the rental deposit, in which case no final payment will be required, but no refunds

will be given).

Nature of frames - Client understands that rental pieces are one-of-a-kind and handmade. Natural variations due to the use of natural flowers may result in colors that are slightly different per lot.

Acceptance of conditions - All rental items are examined by “Framed Florals" prior to release to Client and delivered in *as is* condition, and Client (or Client's

authorized representative) must jointly inspect all rental items upon receipt, prior to the start of the event. Upon receipt and acceptance of the rental items by

Client's authorized representative, “Framed Florals" shall have fulfilled its obligations with respect to the rental items, both as to quality and quantity.

Damages -Examples of Substantial Damage include any rental pieces that has been scratched significantly or been misplaced during the event. In the event of Substantial Damage to

any rented pieces, the actual repair or replacement cost will be charged to the Client within 7 business days

of the event date and/or when the rented pieces are returned to the Company. The Company reserves the right to charge these costs to the credit card on file for the event payments. If missing pieces are returned to Company within 10 days of the event date, any replacement costs actually paid be Client will be reimbursed to

Client (except to the extent of any necessary repair costs in the event of Substantial Damage, and any other applicable late return charges).

By purchasing you agree to terms.

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