Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: I’d love a custom piece, how soon after an event do you need the flowers?

A: The quicker your flowers come to us the better your end results will be. 2-3 days at the absolute latest. The best way to ensure that your flowers are taken care of is to make plan for delivering flowers with us ahead of time. We make a limited number of custom pieces a week so reaching out to us here, before the event is the best way to guarantee a spot for your flowers. Click here to see detailed instructions and photos on how to best pack your flowers for shipment.


Q:Do you ever make custom commissioned pieces not from a wedding? Can you make me a frame even if the flowers used didn't have special meaning?

A: Yes absolutely! We love creating pieces for home decor, presents, & styled shoots. If you have an idea of flowers you'd like included, we can source the flowers and frame them. If you're not looking for specific flowers we can send you mock up's of different framing options. Reach out here!


Q: How should I care for my flowers before I hand them off to you?

A: Bouquets are generally out of water for a full day, so whenever you can remember to drop it in water, do! At the end of the night remember to place the flowers back in water & store somewhere cool. If you can ask your florist to avoid using a preservative spray on your flowers, that will help them look best after they go into the flower press too. (Those sprays tend to brown the flowers in the press & create spots on the petals.)


Q: I'm attending a wedding and I'd like to give the couple a custom frame for their special day. How should I go about this? 

A: Our couples are always so appreciative to be gifted their preserved sentimental flowers after their wedding! While we don't currently offer gift certificates, as they're not supported on our website platform, we can still work together to gift the couple a wonderfully personal wedding gift. If you'd like to gift the couple a custom piece featuring the flowers from their wedding, arrangements need to be made prior to the event, ensuring flowers are to be mailed asap after the wedding. Reaching out to us here before the event is best, we would be more than happy to walk you through the process!


Q: How long after my wedding will I receive my Framed Florals piece? 

A: The floral pressing process takes anywhere from 4-6 weeks to ensure all moisture is out of the flowers and foliage. After they are pressed, we go through to see what looks best, and work on composition. You will receive an email with 3-5 Mock Ups of artistic floral composition. Once settled on a final look, we will begin framing. Please allow up to 3 months to receive your Framed Florals piece. If you have any questions please reach out to us here to learn more about the timeline.
*Please Note: During peak wedding season, (Summer / Fall) please allow an addition month - 6 weeks for framing due to high volume. A ton of care & detail goes into each frame!*


Q: How long do your preserved flowers last?

A: Framed Floral Frames that are properly cared for should last decades! Direct sunlight and UV light are preserved flowers' enemies. Because the flowers and the process are natural and organic,  please expect natural fading of color and browning over the years. The change in color is expected and works well aesthetically. Know that the colors will continue to change. We at Framed Florals love how this reflects age and the passage of time, conveying that you weren’t married just yesterday.


Q: Can you press every type of flower in my bouquet or centerpiece?

A: While we try our very best to press each flower and piece of greenery supplied, due to the organic nature of the process, we can't guarantee that all flowers will press perfectly. Depending on the condition in which we receive the flowers, what they have been sprayed with, and the weather conditions before we receive the flowers, will determine how well the flowers press. We use whichever flowers and foliage come out of the presses looking their best. Certain flowers such as Calla lilies, white roses, lilies, lisianthus, white orchids, will not press well with our methods. White flowers tend to brown or yellow. We will work with all flowers given to us, and try to utilize details from each stem into each custom Framed Florals piece!

Please note: Larger and bulkier flowers such as garden roses and dahilias do not fit in our slim frames. For those larger and bulkier flowers, such as roses, proteas, berries, dahlias, we can use the flower to naturally dye a silk table runner, here

For all other questions, inquiries, collaborations, or just to say 'hi,' please reach out here!

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