Gold Frame // Five Ferns

Gold Frame // Five Ferns


Hanging 5" x 7" gold frame.

Bring a bit of nature inside with this Framed Florals piece. The frame is adorned with ferns that have been dried out and preserved so your frame can last years and years. This frame makes a perfect one-of-a-kind gift or pretty decor for your own home!

To care for your Framed Florals piece: A: Framed Floral Frames that are properly cared for should last decades! Direct sunlight and UV light are preserved flowers' enemies. All flowers are treated with a preservative, but keeping your frame away from direct light will ensure your flowers & foliage last many many years, decades, a lifetime. Because flowers are organic and natural material, please expect slight fading of color and browining over the years.

All flowers and foliage are preserved in Brooklyn, New York.

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