Custom Wedding Flower Dyed Silk Table Runner / Wall Hanging

Custom Wedding Flower Dyed Silk Table Runner / Wall Hanging

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Using leftover petals, wilted flowers, broken stems, extra greenery, and any floral waste, we naturally dye silk with your wedding flowers. Hand torn silk is steamed or soaked for hours to dye and mark the fabric. Extend the life of your cherished flowers and save your sentimental flowers from being thrown away.

Envision your naturally dyed hand torn silk being used as a table runner at dinner parties, wall hanging, scarf, or adorning a night stand.

If you choose not to keep it for yourself, it's the perfect gift to a parent, mother or father in law, family member, flower girl, maid of honor, or special person who helped to make your wedding amazing.

You are buying an organic piece that may dye to a different color than your flowers. Each silk is one of a kind and no two will look the same from the natural dyeing process. Expect whites to dye yellow, some reds to turn mauve or brown, greens to turn yellow/peach, some purples and reds to turn pink. Please allow up to 1 month to receive your Framed Florals silk.

Spot clean only if necessary (to ensure the vibrant colors last a lifetime), with a mixture of water & vinegar.

Add On: Custom made wood & white leather cord hanger to display your silk on your wall. 18” in length.

Each silk is approximately 70" x 14". For larger or custom dyeing commissions please reach out here, we love collaborating!

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