Set of Three Framed Florals Pendants

Set of Three Framed Florals Pendants


These Framed Floral pieces are the perfect compliment to your custom frame. The set of 3 pendants are adorned with any extra flowers and foliage from your centerpiece, bouquet, or a sampling of blooms.

The perfect gift to a parent, mother or father in law, family member, flower girl, maid of honor, or special person who helped to make your wedding amazing. Or, keep them to hang next to your large custom frame as a gallery wall!

Frames measure 2.5” x 1.5'“.
3 pendants in a set.

*Design mock ups will not be sent for these pendants. They will be filled with the artists picking of the best flowers and greens. If you have a preference for specific elements you would like in the pendants, please let Framed Florals know prior to purchase.
*Please do not purchase until the framing process is complete.
*The set is not sold without a custom frame. This set is to be purchased in addition to a Custom Wedding Frame.
* For questions, custom commissions, please visit our FAQ page, or reach out here!

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