Dried Flower Confetti

Dried Flower Confetti


Framed Florals dried flower confetti! The dried / pressed petals and flowers are a 100% natural product, an eco friendly alternative to traditional confetti, biodegradable, and add a touch of nature to your day.

Flower confetti is the perfect way for your guests to celebrate as you walk by. Confetti is a traditional symbol of good luck for the couple, tossed in the air to wish them health, happiness, and a long life together!

All flowers are pressed or air dried and are 100% eco friendly. The 3”x5” bags are compostable and biodegradable. The customizable labels are made from recycled material.

10 bags / $15.
Labels are printed by Framed Florals and are customizable. In the checkout form include your information, or contact us here to include additional information. The petals come in a mix of colors. For custom flowers and colors please reach out here. Please expect up to a 2 week turn around time. If you are on a tight time frame please reach out here.

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